Description is a small team of creators based in the UK. They raise money for Special Effect through streaming live Team Fortress-related events via Twitch.

Hugs17 is a 26 hour live stream taking place across the weekend of the 6/7th May 2017. Running from 17:00BST on Saturday 6th May until 19:00BST Sunday, with a selection of scheduled events such as competitive showmatches, open public servers, and arts and crafts related to Team Fortress 2. The event will also feature guest appearances from personalities within the European Team Fortress 2 community.

Coverage of the event is being brought to screens via a partnership with, who handle the majority of the video and live in-game content.

Donations can be made at, and in game items can be donated via a partnership with

The website was created by Arrogant Pixel.


Ryan "loris" Callard

Amy "Tweak" Barratt

Elliott "eepily" Callard

Jack "omnibombulator" Brain

James "Squirrel" Sloan

Ben "Wolf Machina" Lindsay

Ashley "NiceAsh" Wilson

Jonathan "BlackOutJon" Shaw

Arrogant Pixel

Ben Simpson


History began under the name of "Value of Teamwork" in February 2014. They began as a Gameblast team with Ryan, Elliott, Amy, and Jake "Kubbie51" Brain. They raised 140GBP with JustGiving during a 24 hour stream from a dining room in Hanwell, West London.

In 2015, they rebranded under the name They raised 500GBP from the living room of a new shared gaming house, streaming without break between busy work schedules and busier housemates. They gave away one unusual hat through a small raffle: an Unusual Hat With No Name.

2016 saw the birth of the partnership with, and offered viewers a wide variety of high value prizes through the largest raffle to date, due to the addition of sponsors and The schedule featured two international showmatches, a painting section, hours of public and competitve Team Fortress 2, and plenty of live kitten footage. Just over 3000GBP was raised for Special Effect throughout the event.


Ryan Callard (Founder) -

You can contact members of via their Official Steam Group, or via Twitter.