All times are in BST (British Summer Time, GMT+1)

Time Section Description
11am Intro Hour Welcome back to!
12pm Pubs We kick up the pubs for the first time 2023. Play along from home!
1pm MGE Chess The world-famous annual MGE Chess Tournament - The only true way to show your aim and brain.
3pm Pubs Into the thick of it! We jump into the pub servers. See you there?
5pm Showmatch #1 Our 2nd most famous showmatch - Join us as we put together a ragtag group of TF2 stars to battle it out.
7pm Big Fat Quiz of the Year You think you know TF2? Huh?! Well our crew do! Quiz show with segments.
9pm Close Final words and sign off for Day 1.
Time Section Description
11am Good Morning TF2 Wake up with the team - Talk show with TF2 guests
12pm Joy of Painting Join the crew as they flex their creative muscles - send in your work from home on Discord!
2pm Chaos Pubs Testing our network engineer's patience one server change at a time. Join in the chaos!
4pm r/TrueTF2 Support Session Burning questions about competitive TF2? Our guests will be answering and revealing the secrets behind at least mid-level performance.
5pm Momentum Jumping Forward motion! Join our soaring group of jumping enthusiasts as they tour old and new jump maps.
7pm Showmatch #2 Our famous showmatch - as elite gamers as we can find battle it out for absolutely no prize pool.
9pm Close Goodbye from 2023's now.