What is hugs.tf?

hugs.tf is an annual charity live stream event hosted by a friendly bunch of Charity Loving Hat Enthusiasts benefiting SpecialEffect.

TF2’s community is the heart of our operation, and we love creating events that everybody can enjoy – whilst also supporting great causes.

Check out our Schedule to see what’s coming up!

When is the event?

July 29th & 30th
Starting at 11am BST until 10pm each day (ish!)

Live on Twitch.TV/EssentialsTF

What is SpecialEffect?

A UK-based charity that’s leveling the playing field for gamers with physical disabilities around the world. This includes eye-tracking and adaptable controllers tailored to the specific needs of individuals! Find more details about the work they do on their website here!

Where can I donate?

You can donate cash here and donate TF2 items here!

Can I donate TF2 items?

Yes! Head over to our Scrap.TF page here to donate TF2 items!

Are there TF2 medals?

Yes we have medals available as a donation reward. However due to Valve’s current rules, these are copies of our previous medals with new names and descriptions.

Our medal reward tiers are as follows:

  • The Heartfelt Hug: £10 GBP or higher donations
  • The Heartfelt Hero: £25 GBP or higher donations
  • The Heartfelt Bundle: £35 GBP or higher (both medals!)

Please note that donations under £35 will only receive a single medal.
Only The Heartfelt Bundle tier will grant both medals.

Can I receive both medals if I donate enough?

Only our highest reward tier, The Heartfelt Bundle, includes both medals.


The lower reward tiers are not cumulative, for example: a Heartfelt Hug level donor (between £10 to £24.99 GBP total donations) will only receive the Heartfelt Hug rewards; they will not receive the Heartfelt Hero or Heartfelt Bundle level rewards. However a donor may donate more money to receive a higher tier of medal, for example a £10 donation can later be followed by another £15 donation to receive the Heartfelt Hero reward instead of the Heartfelt Hug reward.


Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

When do donations close?

Donations will typically close a couple weeks after our live stream event finishes.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter page @hugs_tf and in our Discord server to know when.

When will the medals be sent out?

Medals will be distributed within 30 days from when the medals are added in TF2 by Valve, or the event ending; whichever is later. We will announce when medals have been distributed via our Twitter page @hugs_tf and in our Discord server.