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Effective date: 17th July 2023

Donation Terms & Conditions​


Virtual Items: In-game items from the video game, Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

Monetary donations: donations made using electronic payments such as credit/debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal.

Cash Donation Tracker (“Tracker”): our system to facilitate monetary donations. The Tracker can be viewed at donate.hugs.tf.

the Charity: refers to the UK registered charity SPECIALEFFECT.ORG.UK LIMITED (“SpecialEffect”), charity no. 1121004, who we raise money for.

the Event: refers to hugs.tf, the fundraising event operated by Printstream Limited (T/a EssentialsTF), a registered company in England and Wales No. 14876426.

Donation Transparency

All monetary donations are made to the Event via our Tracker.

Any monetary donations made to the Event outside of the Tracker or to the Charity directly will not be counted as part of the total and will not be eligible for reward items.

All monetary donations go directly to the Charity. No staff member, volunteer or associate of the Event can ever view or access your financial information or monetary funds which you donate. The associated email of the Charity that receives the donations is [email protected].

When donating via the Tracker, you should receive a donation receipt from [email protected].

We publish the date/time, supplied nickname, and amount of any donation made on our website (https://donate.hugs.tf/latestdonations) and on our live broadcast (https://twitch.tv/essentialstf). When donating with money, you can choose to donate anonymously which will mark your supplied nickname as “Anonymous”. You can still sign in with Steam to receive a medal reward while staying anonymous as we do not publish SteamID details publicly.

If you wish to change your donation status to “Anonymous” when previously not opted to do so, please email [email protected] with your relevant donation information so we can amend our records as per your request.

Donation Types

Monetary donations

  • cannot be refunded
  • do count towards an in-game medal reward
  • can be made anonymously

Donations that also go towards donation incentives/challenges/bids are only valid through our Tracker. PayPal is currently the only means of donating with money. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still donate through PayPal with a credit or debit card.

Virtual Item donations

  • cannot be refunded
  • do count towards the in-game medal reward
  • are not anonymous

Virtual Item donations are made on our Scrap.TF fundraiser page and sold for cash on Marketplace.tf. The sale price of the item is then donated to the Charity. The listed value of the item is added to our donation total as soon as the donation transaction has completed – we do not wait until the item has been sold on Marketplace.tf. Virtual Item donations cannot be put towards donation incentives/challenges/bids.


In-game Medals

We offer in-game (Team Fortress 2) medal rewards to donors who give at least £10 GBP or more (Heartfelt Hug) with Monetary and/or Virtual Item donations. A higher reward is given to donors who give at least £25 GBP or more (Heartfelt Hero). The highest reward is given to donors who give at least £35 GBP or more (Heartfelt Bundle).

Please note these rewards are not cumulative, for example: a Heartfelt Hug level donor (between £10 to £24.99 GBP total donations) will only receive the Heartfelt Hug rewards; they will not receive the Heartfelt Hero or Heartfelt Bundle level rewards. However a donor may donate more money to receive a higher tier of medal, for example a £10 donation can later be followed by another £15 donation to receive the Heartfelt Hero reward instead of the Heartfelt Hug reward.

The exception to the non-cumulative rule is the Heartfelt Bundle reward. By donating at least £35 GBP and providing your SteamID, you will receive the Heartfelt Bundle reward which grants the Heartfelt Hug and Heartfelt Hero rewards.

  • The Heartfelt Hug: £10 or more (monetary and/or virtual items)
  • The Heartfelt Hero: £25 or more (monetary and/or virtual items)
  • The Heartfelt Bundle: £35 or more (monetary and/or virtual items) + Heartfelt Hug reward + Heartfelt Hero reward.

When donating with money on our Tracker, donors must sign in through Steam to have their cash donations count towards the medals. Without signing in through Steam, the medal cannot be awarded and your donations cannot be combined to reach higher tiers.

Medals will be distributed within 30 days from when the medals are added in TF2 by Valve, or the event ending; whichever is later. We will announce when medals have been distributed via our Twitter page @hugs_tf and in our Discord server.

If you feel you should have received a medal and did not after 48 hours have passed since our announcement, please first open the Team Fortress 2 game while logged into Steam with the corresponding account from your donation and check for any new item notifications. If no notification is shown with the expected medal and you cannot see the medal in your TF2 Inventory/Backpack, please email [email protected] or contact @hugs_tf on Twitter with the email address you donated under (if you donated with cash via the tracker) along with your SteamID64.

To find your SteamID64, please use https://steamid.io/lookup.

The in-game medals cannot be traded or transferred between Steam user accounts and hold no monetary value. In-game medal rewards are a token of acknowledgement of your donation and are not a benefit received by the donor.

If a donor performs a false or fraudulent chargeback on a donation made, this will result in the donor being ineligible for receiving an in-game medal reward, blacklisted from receiving in-game medal rewards from future hugs.tf & EssentialsTF events and blocked from making further donations to hugs.tf.

Website Terms of Use

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Contact Details
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our contact email is [email protected].